Better Beaufort Action Plan

The Beaufort Street Network is developing an action plan for a Better Beaufort Street. It’s an exciting and unique place, but it could be even better. Times are changing and the street faces a range of challenges. The best way to tackle the challenges is to have a plan, prepared in cooperation with local businesses, local governments and the community.

The action plan will:

  • Establish a vision for the street;
  • Identify principles to guide future actions;
  • Help coordinate future efforts; and
  • Will help create a better place for people.

Attracting more people for longer periods is the key to creating a more vibrant, interesting and economically successful place.

The Action Plan is not a plan to sit on a dusty shelf. It is a dynamic plan with achievable short, medium and long term actions. Some actions will be for community members, some actions for businesses and others for governments. Creating a Better   Beaufort Street is everybody’s responsibility.


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