Other Websites to Learn More

If you would like to find out more about creating great places, check out some of these websites –

Better Blockhttp://www.betterblock.org/

The Better Block project helps local communities create their own vibrant, interesting and walkable town centres. It started as an art project in 2010. Locals in Dallas, Texas decided to create their own dream neighbourhood block in days, using very little money. Better Blocks are spreading globally.

–       www.architectmagazine.com/community-projects/stop-planning-start-acting.aspx (background)

–       www.gooakcliff.org (Dallas community organisation committed to creating the most liveable place)

–       [Click here] for a great New York Times article on Better Blocks

Tactical Urbanism Aust / NZ – http://issuu.com/codesignstudio/docs/tacticalurbanismvol4_141020/0

Tactical Urbanism United States – http://issuu.com/streetplanscollaborative/docs/tactical_urbanism_vol_2_final

Tactical Urbanism 2 provides an overview of potential short-term community actions that can drive long-term change of an area. “Improving the liveability of out towns and cities starts at the street, block or building scale. While larger scale efforts do have their place, incremental, small-scale improvements are increasingly seen as a way to stage more substantial investments.”


San Francisco inspired the global movement to reclaim road space for people, often called ‘parklets’. Parklets offer a unique opportunity to widen a sidewalk, providing public space for people to sit and relax. Parklets usually reclaim two or three parking spots so that the grade of the footpath gets carried out into the parking lane. On the platform, some combination of benches, planters, landscaping, bike parking and tables and chairs (in certain locations) all come together to provide a welcoming new public space.

Pavements to Parkshttp://sfpavementtoparks.sfplanning.org/

Many of San Francisco’s streets are excessively wide and contain large zones of underutilised space, especially at intersections. The Pavement to Parks program seeks to reclaim these unused swathes of land and quickly and inexpensively turn them into new public spaces.

Project for Public Spaceswww.pps.org

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit planning, design and educational organisation dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. Its pioneering Placemaking approach helps citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs.

Creative Communitieshttps://www.creative-communities.com/

David Engwicht is a world-renowned placemaker and urban thinker. He:

  • “Inspire(s) individuals, communities, organisations and decision-makers to unlock their latent creative genius and to ‘think outside the box’.
  • Empower(s) individuals to take personal responsibility for fixing a broad range of community issues, including traffic and anti-social behaviour in public places.
  • Encourage(s) politicians, decision-makers, and city staff to stop fixing problems for the community by developing tools that empower the community to take civic responsibility.”

Street Filmshttp://streetfilms.org

Over 500 engaging films about liveable streets, traffic, bicycling, mass transit & more from all over the world. Use them in your advocacy and change your city!


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